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Set Up Services

Coming into town and want someone to get your Airbnb or hotel completely ready before you arrive?

From decorating, to stocking the fridge, and more- we've got you covered.

All prices listed cover the cost of time and labor, they do not cover the price of decorations, food, or alcohol

Basic- $100

In the basic package: (decorations provided by the client will be set up before the groups arrival)


-picture walls

-brides room

-general communal space decor.

Let me know your inspiration and we can make it happen!


Deluxe $150

The deluxe package includes everything from the basic package as well as organizing and setting up party favors and other special theme related decorations. These decorations can be provided by the client or procured by Blush and Coral based off of a theme and approved by the group. 


VIP $200

The VIP package includes everything from the deluxe and basic package, as well as the set up of a cocktail bar and a fridge stocked with groceries and alcohol before you arrive based off requested items. 

Need something you don't see here? Don't worry. We're here to do whatever it is you need done to make your trip as stress free as possible!

Contact us.

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