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Grand Decor Package

Grand Decor Package

This package is perfect for larger Airbnb's and those looking for multiple decorated rooms. From the main space to the brides room and beyond- we've got you covered!

This includes everything from the petite decor package (assistance with sourcing, purchasing, and collecting decor in Newport so it's all here when you arrive, white BRIDE letter balloons 40in for above the bed in brides room, white balloons loose on the bed and floor, silver confetti) as well as:

-1 foil curtain backdrop-pink or silver

-10 white ring straws and 1 white cursive "bride" straw

-3 disco ball balloons-pink or silver OR 2 champagne bottle  and 1 champagne glass balloons 22in-pink or silver

-1 ring balloon 30in-pink or silver

-35 loose balloons-pink or silver

-1 pair of white heart sunglasses and 10 pairs of blue, pink, or black heart shaped sunglasses

starting at $500

additional desired decorations will be paid for by client

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